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Take a step aside to follow those who are already one step ahead. 

Have you ever had a feeling of going round in a circle? Or you felt like new ideas were somewhere very close to you, but you did not have enough time or courage to develop them? 


But what if your ideas would have created changes? Impact? New values? Sometimes it is necessary to have a change from the routine to look at the problem from a different angle. It is only a matter of everything to be clicked together. 


However, we have a conviction that innovation is impossible without the spirit of adventure. So we travelled all over the world to meet those who are not afraid to think and act differently in their daily life. As a result, we established a direct connection with the main changemakers of tomorrow. 

For a few days, Tomorrow Expeditions will make your teams dive into a well-tailored and authentic immersive experience to learn and get inspired for the future changes.


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Three ingredients of great immersive experience. 



"Nous avons plus appris en 3 jours de learning expedition qu'en 6 ans de Recherche et Innovation"

—  Americo Luvizotto, Recherche et Innovation Solvay Group
Expédition "Nouvelle économie des plastiques"
São Paulo

They trust us!

They trust us!

Tomorrow Expeditions 2020