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The main challenge for the progressive cosmetics companies today is to gain the full trust of their customers.​

During the day we were accompanied by Michael Dandrieux, sociologist, who revealed a new approach for understanding the dynamics of customer engagement and consumer`s expectations. During the day we discovered new atypical initiatives led by passionate personalities. 



The Prose is a young company which develops customised hair care products,  and has recently raised $18 million! 


On the 22nd of February, our participants had a chance to meet Catherine TAURIN, founder and R&D advisor at Prose, who showed us the secrets of ultra-personalised recipe. 


Did you know that we throw 40,000 tonnes of bananas every year?


Shirley Billot knew about this that is why she decided to make an opportunity out of it! Kadalys benefits from the banana trees by basing its approach on traditional medicine and  pharmacomania. Moreover, Kadalys actively supports local economy of overseas territories of France. ​

Shirley gave us an inspiring talk about how to make wealth out of waste.


Michaël Dandrieux

«The brands must be honest and transparent. Their job, in a way, is to disturb, to ask questions that matter, that we usually don’t want to hear»

Michaël V. Dandrieux shared with us his thoughts on how brands can have a positive impact on the self-esteem.


"You are a semi-bacteria. Do not think that it is an insult. Just be aware of this and take great care!"

The cutaneous microbiome, “good” bacteria and other microorganisms that live in our body and its surface - all of them build our microbial ecosystem. 

Esther de La Roque, a Business Manager at Gallinée shared with us her love for good bacteria. 

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Clean Beauty

"Every day, a woman applies between 150 and 200 ingredients of chemicals to her skin." 

Have you ever tried to decipher, or just read the entire list of ingredients list of any of your bathroom products?​

Candice Colin, co-founder and CEO of OFFICINEA, the Clean Beauty app (+700 000 users!) and Beautylitic, will help us save our skin.


This young French biotech company "grows" biosourced pigments and dyes using biotechnologies from natural bacteria.​

Thomas Landrain, co-founder and former CEO of Pili explained to us why we have to say goodbye to petrochemical dyes.

La Felicità - Crédit photo Jérôme Gallan

L'Oréal Beauty Tech Atelier

L'accélérateur de L'Oréal accélère une dizaine de start-ups "beauty tech" chez Station F (dont Kadalys, la nouvelle pépite de l'économie circulaire).

L'Oréal's accelerator develops around ten "beauty tech" start-ups at Station F (including Kadalys, the new change-maker of the circular economy).


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