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Journey to the eternal fashion

The first immersive experience in a circular fashion.

Take a glance at the key places in fashion which are ahead of everyone: by holding its pioneering position, this industry shows a great capacity of constant reinvention.  It is clear today that the consequences of constant unbridled luxury production result in raising anxiety of the quality of the materials and its aesthetics. Maybe in this case fashion should be eternal...? Our guides of the expedition are convinced of this! And not only them! We will meet experts, top-managers and entrepreneurs who are eager to design long-living brands.  

All of them are pioneers in their desire to sustain production circuits, to bring a value of possession and to establish innovations in fashion to make it eternal. 

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Stop fast fashion: rent designer clothes!

Panoply is a trendy clothing platform where anyone can rent pieces from trendy fashion designers. So by doing this, they are planning to change the consumers' habits! Now every fashionista can have an original piece from famous brands for a whole week! 


Meeting with Ingrid Brochard, co-founder

Chargeurs Luxury Materials

In favour of top-quality, certified and traceable fibres. 

Quality, traceability, fibre stability: Chargeurs Luxury Materials' know-how consists in acquiring the best selections of raw wool processed in combing systems from all over the world  (United States, Uruguay, Argentina, China) 

To discuss it we had a meeting with Deborah Berger, vice-director in charge of development.


L'Atelier Bartavelle

Odyssey clothing 

Women's and unisex clothing brand inspired by the South and the Mediterranean. You can easily find them moving from Paris to Marseille and vice verso. L'Atelier Bartavelle is not only a fashion house but a much larger project that combines ethics, travel and style. 

We had a chance to meet with Alexia Tronel, co-founder and CEO.


Maryelle Allemand has been working on trends analysis for 10 years. She has a degree in fashion design and marketing, she is also an expert in socio-cultural relations. Maryelle's ambition is to balance creative sensitivity with the reality of the markets. ​​

Rencontre avec Maryelle Allemand


 Recyc Leather

Recyc Leather is a company that recycles cowhide leather scraps to create a new material.


After spending fifteen years in China, the brand came to Paris and now exploits all the variety of new material. Francs Bourgeois is an official distributor of a line of small leather goods.

Meeting with Olivier Grammont, co-founder


During the second part of the day, we visited the NellyRodi agency where we got acquainted with the astonishing report of the (Re)Think Fashion 2020 study. Main points were about the quality of new fashion ecosystems, new habits and disruptive tech innovations.

Meeting with Nardjisse Ben Mebarek, director of Digital intelligence & prospective and Marie Dupin, Fashion director.


Mud Jeans

It is not a secret that jeans are the most worn clothes in the world. Every year 2 billion jeans are sold all over the world, in France, it is nearly 100 million. Despite its popularity, jeans are the most environmentally damaging clothes. 

Mud Jeans allows you to let your jeans all year round and also to recycle them.


We met with Bert Van Son, founder and CEO of Mud Jeans

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