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Into the urban wild !
Collect new ideas and insights during learning expedition to "la friche" - abandoned urban spots - of Paris.

on demand (20 participants max)

"La Friche" embodies a certain idea of change, it illustrates the concept of openness and human relations, as well as a desire to slow down in the face of technological progress. Today, the occupation of "friche" is a very popular subject, however, it also raises a fierce criticism among working-class neighbourhoods and transitional urban development activists. 

What are the social, economic and environmental impacts of transitional urban development? How to involve neighbourhoods and users? How to lead a dialogue between owners and public authorities? What is the most promising business model? 


During this Learning Expedition, there will be guided tours and conversations with committed project leaders, experts, entrepreneurs, journalists, public decision-makers and urban development professionals who will share with us their story of successes, difficulties they have encountered and convictions they have gained. 


A meeting with a group of activists called Neo Green (Le G.A.N.G) at La Base  - a newly-built coworking space for the NGO to work during the period from June to October - located in Rue Bichat (11ème). They are engaged in favour of culture and environment in a fun and inclusive way.


Gypsy Ferrari • General manager • Le Consulat
Lionel Bensemoun • Co-founder • Le G.A.N.G • Le Consulat

Le Post

Le Post brings together 70 artists in a squat: plastic artists, video artists, tattoo artists, performers, musicians and photographers who share different floors. Together they occupy an office building in the 9th arrondissement. After renovation and restoration work, the place opened its doors in March and invites everyone to discover all shades of modern art.  (image : Eric Le Mitouard - Le Parisien)


La friche Etex : less is more

Next stop is at the Cemetery behind the Montmartre (21 rue Etex, 75018). At first, there was a block of flats later on it turned into a cinema then the ateliers and after that, it was abandoned by everyone. Today it's a short-lived artistic garden with 822m2 surface filled with wild grass. What`s going to be next: a new block of flats and a nursery school? And who knows what will be after that? 

Capture d’écran 2019-05-21 à

Camillo Gorleri • Founder • Réseau Friche


A tour to Saint-Denis to see a former jewellery factory that soon will be reconstructed. The project of temporary reconstruction of this jewel of industrial architecture will take place in autumn 2018 till summer 2020. The former factory area is turning into a residence for artists, designers, craftsmen, entrepreneurs and inventors to increase the number of creative places in "Grand Paris" and to enrich the spirit of artistic experimentation. Thirty entities were already set up when the Soukmachine team came and took around 3000 square meters to build thirty more additional structures in this "town" of brick warehouses. 


Kimberley Dondainas • General Manager • L'orfèvrerie

La HALLE PAPiN, the last season?

HALLE Papin is former tires and mechanical tools factory located in Pantin. Today the Soukmachine team temporarily occupies the place to organise interdisciplinary events. The goal of HALLE Papin is to gather and connect as many actors and audiences as possible. This place is famous for its concerts, inclusive workshops, exhibitions, open-air cinema, Bouffes Mondaines and solidarity faires...


Yoann-Till Dimet • Founder • Soukmachines

Le Poisson Lune

An acquaintance with founders of Petite Lune who have also created La Javelle, Le Bal de la Marine and Poisson Lune. Poisson Lune is the last ephemeral place that was opened at the Palais de la Porte Dorée, in front of the National Museum of History of Immigration. The main inspiration to develop places with a convivial atmosphere was a view of small villages and dance halls. 


Speaker :
Antoine Braud • President • Petite Lune
Benjamin Béchaux • Development and communication director • Palais de la Porte Dorée 


Learning Expedition is accompanied by Antoine Calvino, a journalist from "Le Monde Diplomatique" who wrote a critical reference article about the current situation of the wastelands. Antoine is also an event-manager and an expert of Parisian hight-life. He published four tour-guides about the nightlife in Paris, including "Nuits Blanches à Paris" by Parigramme.

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