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Victoire Satto, learning experience designer of learning expedition

 "A journey to the eternal fashion"

Bert Van Son, CEO Mud Jeans

Learning Expedition in San Paulo "New plastics economy"

Learning Expedition "Engagement & Client's experience" for International Flavors & Fragrances

“We learned more during those three days of learning expedition than during six years of research & innovation!”

Americo Luvizotto, manager of Research & Innovation at Solvay Group

théatre immersive hamlet le secret paris

Learning Expedition "New learning environments" in Paris

théatre immersive hamlet le secret paris

Learning Expedition "Urban Agriculture" in Montreal

Tim Murphy, Learning Expedition "Urban Agriculture" Montreal

Nadine Bayle, journalist Le Monde, Business of Fashion

théatre immersive hamlet le secret paris

Learning expedition at l'Épi Dupin accompanied by chef François Pasteau"

Alexia Tronel, co-founder at "l'Atelier Bartavelle"

For a few days, Tomorrow Expeditions will make your teams dive into a well-tailored and authentic immersive experience to learn and get inspired for the future changes.

Learning expedition "A journey to the eternal fashion

“Make people think out of the box is the most beautiful profession in the world”


Fany Péchiodat, CEO Seasonly
(speaker at Learning Expedition "In cosmetics we trust" Mars, 2019)

Learning expedition "A journey to the eternal fashion"

“After a learning expedition I had a lot of questions, wishes and a hope that one day I could tell that there was a life before and life after the LeX”


Patrick Nectoux, Global key account manager Li & Fung Limited

Camille Le Gal, Laure Betsch, Fairly Made

“Incredible !”


Alexandra Palt,
Chief Sustainability Officer, L'Oréal

centre de recherche interdisciplinaire paris CRI

On the rooftop of Centre of Research and Interdisciplinarity (CRI) 

Grégory Pouy, Vlan

“I had a great time spending this day with you, getting inspired by all these exciting topics carried by passionate people... who undeniably will define the world of tomorrow”


Christelle Maboundou, Global Consumer Insight Manager, Chanel

Learning Expedition about Immersive Theatre

Cyril  Betat, CGI


Cyril  Betat, CGI

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