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Nurture the food to nurture your city

Next date :

27 March 2020 (18 participants max)

Can Urban Agriculture feed 12 million inhabitants of Ile-de-France? Good question! And the answer is still unclear: maybe "yes", maybe "no". However, Urban Agriculture has been developing since 2010.The only question is if it finds its place in the hearts of citizens and become a habit or not?


Eat better, eat local, eat organic....And many other "eat" we hear here and there. These days agriculture and food sectors dace unprecedented challenges, so the true change-makers are trying to redesign the way we eat and produce food.

So the main goal for the, is to rebuild the food industry of today and develop the agriculture of tomorrow. By this, we mean: minimised wastes, healthy and sustainable products, responsible use of energy and resources.

The ticket includes participation in a one-day learning expedition from 9 am to 5.30pm, teaching materials, transfers, breakfast, lunch and a snack at the end of the day.

 18 participants max 

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